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My name is Daniel Berg, I am 29 years old and live in Holmlia, Oslo, Norway. As of 29th October 2007 I work as a quantitative analyst in the Fixed Income department at DnBNOR Asset Management. I live in together with my wife, Ingrid, and our almost 2 years old son, Eivind Andreas. I am originally swedish, but I moved with my family to Odda, Norway, when I was 10 years old. My parents and youngest sister, Elin, still live in Odda. Odda is a city of approx. 5000 people, in beatiful Hardanger. While in Odda I had several interests, mostly sports. I played football and badminton actively for many years. I also played tennis, tabletennis and basketball for a period.

After high-school I moved to Trondheim where I started my studies in physics and mathematics at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). I mastered in mathematics, with special focus on statistics. In june 2003 I handed in my MSc. thesis, on prediction of bankruptcy. While in Trondheim I was a member of LIM (called Informasjonsgjengen in my days), an association at the student society in Trondheim, Studentersamfundet. LIM is responsible for webdesign/management, graphic design of commercail material, agreements with business, promotion of Samfundet and its events. I was a layout staff memeber, and I have developed an interest for graphical design through this voluntary job which lasted for two years.

In August 2003 I started working for GE Money Bank, Norwegian Branch, in Stavanger. I was a risk analyst in the risk team, and my main responsibilities were scorecard development and maintenance, capital allocation, report automization as well as participating in various projects.

One year after, August 2004, I started my PhD studies at the Norwegian Computing Center and the University of Oslo. My PhD project is titled 'Statistical Analysis of Credit Risk' and is part of a research programme called StAR. My research interests are multivariate statistics, in particular so-called 'copulas' and its application in finance. See my research for recent work.

July 27 2005 my wife, Ingrid, and I got married in Lofthus. It was a fantastic day and the following honeymoon was terrific. Corsica was really beatiful, with small beaches and high mountains we could relax on the beach one day and go for a long hiking trip the next. In October I moved to Trondheim to live with my then pregnant wife. November 16 2005 our son, Eivind Andreas, was born. A fantastic day and a fantastic little boy :)
Daniel Berg
Hallagerbakken 21 B,
1256 Oslo, Norway
Phone: (+47) 90119190
E-mail: daniel at danielberg.no
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